Water Heater Statement of Compliance

California Law requires that all new and replacement water heaters and existing residential water heaters be braced, anchored or strapped to resist falling or horizontal displacement due to earthquake motion. “Water heater” means any standard water heater with a capacity of no more than 120 gallons for which a pre-engineered strapping kit is readily available. (Health and Safety Code §19211d). Although not specifically stated, the statute requiring a statement of compliance does not appear to apply to a properly installed and bolted tankless water heater for the following reasons: There is no tank that can overturn; Pre-engineered strapping kits for such devices are not readily available; and Bolting already exists that would help avoid displacement or breakage in the event of an earthquake.

Some local ordinances impose more stringent water heater bracing, anchoring or strapping requirements than does California Law. Therefore, it is important to check with local city or county building and safety departments regarding the applicable water heater bracing, anchoring or strapping requirements for your property.

California Health and Safety Code §19211 requires the seller of any real property containing a water heater to certify, in writing, that the seller is in compliance with California State Law. If the Property is a manufactured or mobile home, Seller shall also file a required Statement with the Department of Housing and Community Development.