Home Maintenance Checklist

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Home Maintenance Reminders

Stock up on everything you need to keep your home in tip-top shape. Get in the maintenance habit around daylight savings time. It helps you remember! Download the checklist by clicking here.

  • Change your clocks—remember spring forward, fall back
  • Check/replace the light bulbs inside & outside your home
    • Switch to LED bulbs and/or update to LED fixtures & save energy
  • Check/replace furnace filters to maximize efficiency & reduce energy bills
  • Replace your refrigerator water filter if needed
  • Prep your home for fire safety
    • Check your smoke/carbon combo detectors & replace if needed
    • Check/replace batteries in any detectors
    • Check fire extinguisher pressure & replace if needed
    • Escape ladder for rooms above main level
    • Fire safe for important documents
  • Clean large appliances—a heavy-duty cleaning helps them last longer
  • Check/replace flashlight batteries
  • Check/replace security alarm batteries & locks if necessary
  • Light the way for holiday guests – add nightlights in dark places
  • Clean out the dryer vent, filter & hoses to prevent fires
  • Clean & reverse the direction of your ceiling fans
  • Clean your chimney flue to prevent creosote build-up & fires
  • Caulk around door frames & windows
  • Clean gutters & downspouts to remove falling leaves
  • Prep outdoor areas for winter if necessary
    • Cover/store outdoor furniture
    • Prepare gardens & trees
    • Store garden hoses on reel
    • Clean equipment in preparation for storing